Fixed Wing Aircraft Bramor.

Aircraft of the Slovenian brand "C-Astral" www.c-astral.com and of which we are proud Representatives and Distributors in Mexico.

The "Bramor" is one of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of the Fixed Wing with greater autonomy in its category at an international level. This feature along with the maturity of its systems (after a large investment process in "Research and Development" plus the integration of a wide variety of sensors: RGB, Agriculture, Multispectral Camera, Video Surveillance Camera, Methane Gas Detector Sensors and Thermographic Camera) make it one of the most profitable aircraft in high profile projects.


Structure: Carbon / Kevlar / Vectran.


Autonomy: More than 3 Hours.


Reach: The aircraft has a great versatility due the kind of Antennas that can be use on it: 8km, 20km and up to 50km of radio.


100% Autonomous.


Weight: 4.5kg.


Takeoff: Launcher.


Recovery: Parachute.


Operating Temperature: -25º C + 45º C.


Wind Resistance: 30 knots.

Pilot Software  “C3P”:

Software with great maturity and robustness for the development of Operations. It has two configurations. One for the unit focused on Photogrammetry (Bramor PPX) known as Software "C3P PPX Mode", which is managed with a Tablet device. The second configuration is for the unit focused on Video Surveillance "C3P C4Eye Mode" (Bramor C4Eye), which is managed with a computer with control command.


Bramor PPX.

The ideal unit for Photogrammetric survey in long range projects.


The Bramor PPX unit is equipped with a High Definition RGB Sensor, providing Resolutions (GSD) below 1cm x Pixel if desired and flight conditions permit.Ideal for use in Latin American territory: Altitudes with flying roof around 5000 meters above sea level (ASL), changing temperatures (humidity, heat, cold), mountainous topographies, strong winds.

Software Compatibility:

- Pix4D.


- Agisoft Photoscan.


- 3D Survey.

- Enso Mosaic.


- Menci Software.

Other specifications:

Independent RTK Datalink, It can integrate a high precision IMU and Antennas that expand the radius of action of the aircraft. Likewise, a tracker can be incorporated for the purpose of recovering the aircraft from any loss.

Types of Sensors to be mounted on the aircraft:

- Multiespectral sensor.


- Hyperespectral Camera.


- Thermographic Camera.

- Methane Gas Detector Sensor.


Bramor C-4 Eye.

Una de las unidades con mayores prestaciones para proyectos de Video Vigilancia y Reconocimiento a nivel mundial.  Sus características de Aeronave No tripulada Militar (pero de uso civil), la convierten en una unidad UAV hecha específicamente para desarrollar las Misiones más complejas a nivel táctico y de reconocimiento.


Bramor C-4 Eye.

One of the units with the highest performance for Video Surveillance and Recognition projects worldwide. Its characteristics of Military Unmanned Aircraft (but of civil use), turn it into an UAV unit made specifically to develop the most complex Missions at a tactical and reconnaissance level.

Additional Characteristics:

Autonomy: 3 hours.


Real Time Video Transmission (Link up to 40 kilometers).


Video Surveillance Gimbal with the following characteristics: Tracking to objectives, Laser Pointer, Automatic zoom, Night Infrared function.

Types of Sensors to be mounted on the aircraft:

- Gimbals.


- Lidar Sensor.


- Photometric Cameras.

- Gas Detector Sensor.


- Radio Frecuency Detection Equipment.


- Industrial Inspection Equipment.


MANET/MIMO Digital Communication, Special Data Link for Surveillance Missions, Antennas that allow to expand the range of action of the aircraft.

It is important to mention that currently the aircraft is used by various armed forces in the world and its system has a great maturity and investment in Research and Development.

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